Frequency Asked Questions

Can a virtual skin care program work for me?

Yes, absolutely!  At our initial consultation, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive New Client Questionnaire.  Your answers will give me an understanding of your lifestyle, stress levels, food choices as well as your skincare product choices and usage.  When we connect through Skype, I will be able to view your skin and ask targeted questions that will help me to determine the appropriate products to select for you.  The items chosen will be shipped to you after you have officially sign-up for the "90 Days to Glowing Skin" program by submitting your payment to Paypal. 

Why is the program 90 days?

The average turnover of new skin cells replacing old ones is directly correlated to the age of the client.  For example, the cycle takes 20-30 days in teenagers and 50-60 days in women over forty.  As your skin begins to improve on the outside, we will be addressing other issues that contribute to the aging of the skin, such as lifestyle, stress levels and food choices.  There is so much more to healthy skin than what meets the eye. 

What if I need more products?

You will receive a three-month supply of cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and eye cream to begin the program.  As a participant in this program you will be entitled to a 20% discount on all refills and future orders.  This courtesy will be extended to you after the program concludes.  (Free shipping for orders over $100.)

How do we schedule and conduct our sessions together?

Sessions will take place via Skype or some other webcam platform that works for us both.  We will schedule a day and time that will remain fixed throughout the program.  You can expect to receive an email reminder from me the day before our appointment as confirmation.

What if I need to cancel the program?

I wholeheartedly believe that you will thrilled with the program and its benefits.  However, sometimes life takes unexpected turns which may interfere with your compliance.  If this is the case, I will offer you the opportunity to our sessions.  Once you receive your specially selected products there will only be a partial refund.

What prompted you to create such a program?

The concept of working this way to accommodate the schedules of busy women was born out of interactions with clients in my office.  I have learned that most women are overwhelmed with the multitude of products and information they are constantly confronted with.  They are also often intimidated by the added sales pressure from retailers who are more interested in selling than helping.  I felt strongly that there was a need for women to receive honest advice on their skin from a esthetician/holistic health counselor.  Offering this program in a video-chat format, with the inclusion of quality skincare products, makes my program convenient, unique and results oriented.

Where is your list of products??

Once you have become a client in the "90 Days to Glowing Skin" program, you will become a member of the Inner Circle.  I have spent countless hours researching the best products that I can confidently recommend as delivering outstanding results.  As a representative of this stellar company, I am not permitted to advertise or promote these products online to the general public.  The manufacturer is of high integrity and only sells through authorized distributors.  It is for this reason that the products are kept "secret" until the client enters the program.

IMPORTANT: The internet is like the Wild West as it cannot be policed.  As a result, there is a huge Black Market for high-end skincare lines.  With the use of computer technology, containers and labels are duplicated in order to create counterfeit copies of products.  Not only are consumers paying for a placebo-like product which is a waste of their money, these inferior products are often causing skin reactions and irritations due to their chemical components.

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