#1. Products ~ Done for You

As an educated expert in the skin care field, I strongly believe that client's needs are better served when I choose their products.  Often times, women are using products that are not appropriate for their skin.  Additionally, these incorrect choices may be the cause of various issues such as irritation, breakouts, dryness and inflammation. 

For the discerning client who wants a Done-for-You skincare program with hand-holding guidance and lessons, you will be thrilled with the results from the "90 Days to Glowing Skin" Program.  Click here for further information

Once you become a client in the "90 Days to Glowing Skin" program, you will become a member of the Inner Circle.  I have spent countless hours researching the best products that I can confidently recommend as delivering outstanding results.  As a representative of this stellar company, I am not permitted to advertise or promote these products online to the general public.  The manufacturer is of high integrity and only sells through authorized distributors.  It is for this reason that the products are kept "secret" until the client enters the program.

#2. Products - Choose Your Own

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I am currently in the process of investigating some basic products for those of you who just want a cleanser or some other simple product to add to your home care routine.